Free Online Planning Poker app

Thousands of teams rely on the Brainping online planning poker app. It’s FREE to use! No account needed!

Use online

  1. Launch the web app and create a planning room (click – facilitate session)
  2. Copy and Send the room link to anyone who should participate
  3. Start a voting session.

Use offline

if you are all in the same room. You can use the app as a substitute for planning poker cards, just show your votes on the phone

Note: we recommend facilitating the session using the web app on a computer. Participants can choose if they want to use the web app or mobile apps.

Why Brainping planning poker

Play it like it should be done

To avoid anchoring effects. Participant's votes should be displayed only after everyone has sent their votes. The Brainping planning poker app is built this way.

Platform agnostic

This planning poker app is completely free standing. You can use it with Jira, Gitlab, Github or wherever you keep your user stories that you want to estimate.

No account needed

Even though it is an online app, none of the participants are required to have an account.

Free to use!

Why pay for planning poker apps when you can use the Brainping app for free!?

"This is how an online planning poker app should work. Simple, and platform agnostic"
Felix Dunborey
Agile Coach

"Top rated by teams
across the globe"

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