IT Consultants’ Market Outlook 2020

Health is at Core

By now we believe almost all of you have heard of and even in some ways been affected by the extraordinary pandemic of Covid-19. The Corona-virus have spread globally and have so far cost the human race more than 250 000 lifes globally. We all hope for a quick and easy way through this pandemic but authorities and epidemilogist experts says the virus will be around for a long time still, and impact our daily lifes in various ways.

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The Impact on IT industry

Although the health aspects are at core of the pandemic, we also note the impact on the business and work life. Many companies, especially in the service sector, now struggle to survive the sudden loss of customers and in worst cases have to prepare themselves for filing bankruptcy.

Being a platform for IT Consultants, Brainping is no exception and obviously too gets affected as companies ramp down on consultants due to Covid-19. Organizations are in fact encouraged to terminate consultant contracts in case they plan to benefit from the governmental initatives, such as “korttids-permittering”. Read more about the Swedish Government’s initatives for companies in Sweden. However, it should be said that we have also experienced increased efforts in areas such as general digitalization and digital marketing. As more and more companies need to move their service offering and operations online, there is a big need for these type of services. And to add to that, skilled consultants with a competitive edge are still sought after.

As the Brainping offering works out as a two-way business model, we do stand strong in our endeavour to match the greatest job opportunities with the best brains in the industry. What it means in practice is that independent IT consultants and Partner IT consultant companies can get help in finding assignments as well as finding a sub-contractor when needed, using the Brainping platform. In other words, Brainping comes handy for IT consultants both in the good times and the bad times. If you haven’t already, register today or get in contact to find out more about the Brainping offering.

Survey Results – IT Consultants’ Market Outlook 2020

A few weeks ago we sent out a survey to our Partner IT consultant companies. Purpose was to get an indication for how the IT consultant companies look at their operations in near time and how they predict their business operations may be affected by the Covid-19 in the fall.

The questions are asked in direct light of the Covid-19 and it should be clearly stated that no one can be certain in what ways the pandemic moves next. Hence, these answers should be considered as indicative and best guesses – not formal truths as such. Survey was sent out and responded to during April 2020. And all results were gathered anonymuously to eliminate as much as possible of the bias aspects common to many surveys.

We want to thank all respondents who participated in the survey. Here below we go through and present the results. If you have additional questions on the survey, do not hesitate to contact us and we will make our best to bring clarity.

Survey analysis

As one can see in the charts above it is evident that Covid-19 has had a direct impact on the operations of IT consultant companies, already in April. The majority of respondents also witness that sales processes have been stalled due to Covid-19. This may, or may not, give an indication for how the business operations will come through in the near future.

In the last two, more predictive, questions, the respondents are still indicating that Covid-19 will affect the business during the fall. Furthermore, a strong majority of the survey takers are optimistic that we will see a recovery in the IT sector by the end of the year.


All in all, there is little doubt that Covid-19 have impacted also the IT consultant market. Still, we know very little about the future although there is more or less a consensus that the IT sector in the end will stand strong again.

What we know for sure is that networking, collaboration and cooperation will always be key factors for making any business thrive. And we believe we can only work this out together, so let’s do just that.